Magefa, finest death metal from Frankfurt, Germany.

The band’s name MAGEFA ,comes from Hebrew and means Plague.

Unlike many other bands that go in this particular category of extreme metal, our music is not just about hard riffs and pig squeals but more to the oldschool part (as some reviews may say).

Inspired by bands like Carcass, Bolt Thrower and Death our band has begun it’s journey in 2014.

All sort of things have to have a beginning, so we released a 3-track demo in 2016 called “A Peek Into Human Bodies”.

We started having a couple of concerts in the region and were hungry for more.

So we recorded an EP named “New Era Of Darkness” in 2019 bringing the most part of our songs to a listenable medium.

The EP got a pretty good resonance throughout the listeners so we decided to record another one.

The first Single from the upcoming new EP is  ‘INSTRUMENT INSIDE’ -released 17-Nov-2020 .

The new EP ‘Exenteration‘ was released in March 5,2021 and includes ‘Instrument Inside’ as well as other new 5 songs and self made Intro!!!

The CD is having as a BONUS also the ‘New Era Of Darkness’ EP Re-Mastered  (can be ordered on Bandcamp) !!!!

Actual members: 

Kai  (2014-) -Drums
Kevin  (2014-) – Lead Guitar / Vocals
Thorsten  (2014-) -Bass
Zap  (2020-)  – Guitar 

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