MAGEFA, the unrelenting force of Death Metal hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, emerged onto the scene in 2014 with a name echoing its relentless sonic onslaught.


Pronounced with a hard ‘G,’ MAGEFA derives its name from Hebrew, translating to ‘Plague’ , a fitting reflection of the band’s dark and infectious sound.


Drawing inspiration from metal titans like Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, and Death, MAGEFA embarked on its musical odyssey in 2014.


The journey gained momentum with the release of the 2016 three-track demo, “A Peek Into Human Bodies,” providing a glimpse into the band’s visceral sonic landscape.


In 2019, MAGEFA unleashed the “New Era Of Darkness” EP, catapulting their compositions into the realm of audible chaos.


The momentum continued with the 2020 release of “Instrument Inside,” a fan-favorite that solidified their sonic identity.


The year 2021 marked a zenith with the release of the “Exenteration” EP, garnering over 300K streams on Spotify alone.


MAGEFA’s commitment to both their craft and global issues materialized in the digital release of “Back To The Front” on March 12, 2022 ,another epic battle hymn a la style Bolt-Thrower.


Continuing their sonic onslaught, MAGEFA dropped “Overdose” on July 27, 2022, and the relentless “Pathology Calls” on January 6, 2023.


The latter serves as a testament to the band’s evolving musical prowess and commitment to pushing the boundaries of their sound.


In 2023, the band signed up a contract with ‘Metal inc. records’ , a division of SODEH Records in Canada, for their future digital distribution.


MAGEFA’s current lineup comprises the enduring  Kai (Drums) and Kevin (Guitar/Vocals), joined by the powerhouse rhythm section of Andreas (Bass) and the sonic prowess of Nico (Guitars), both welcomed in 2022.


As they forge ahead, in 2024 celebrating their 10 years anniversary ,new music is planned to be released, along with a new compilation LP ,including some of their best released songs and a new bonus track .


ROTTING AWAY – released on March 08, 2024!

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Actual members: 

Kai  (2014-) -Drums
Kevin  (2014-) – Guitar / Vocals
Andreas (2022-) -Bass
Nico (2022-) -Guitars



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