MAGEFA – Death Metal from Frankfurt, Germany.

The band’s name MAGEFA (Pronounced with hard G) ,comes from Hebrew and means Plague.

Inspired by bands like Carcass , Cannibal Corpse and Death our band has begun its journey in 2014.

In 2016 we released a 3-track Demo called “A Peek Into Human Bodies”.

In 2019 we’ve released the New Era Of Darkness EP ,bringing the most part of our songs to a listenable medium.

We were ready for more💪. 

Instrument Inside released in 2020 and quickly become our fan’s favorite! 

Our latest EP Exenteration released in 2021 and since , had more than 300K streams on Spotify alone !. 

March 12, 2022 our single Back To The Front released digitally on all stores in support of the Ukraine in their war against Russia. 

July 27 ,2022- our new single Overdose is released . 

 ‘Pathology Calls’ released on Jan 6 , 2023 !!! Links to all streaming and video  here !

Actual members: 

Kai  (2014-) -Drums
Kevin  (2014-) – Guitar / Vocals
Andreas (2022-) -Bass
Nico (2022-) -Guitars

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Live Shows: https://bnds.us/1l29wt

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